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20200406105420JPG (GRASS AND SIDEWALK)

Posted: 2020-07-03
The album cover for 20200406105420JPG (GRASS AND SIDEWALK). It is a photo of vibrant green grass and a sidewalk. The grass is in the upper lefthand corner with the sidewalk in the bottom right hand corner with the separation running down the middle at a diagonal. Surrounding this is the album and artist title set against a white background and the image centered in the middle.

The album cover for "20200406105420JPG (GRASS AND SIDEWALK)"

20200406105420JPG (GRASS AND SIDEWALK) was constructed March to May 2020, from sound sources recorded in the early 2000s along with new field recordings recorded in March, in Buffalo and Niagara Falls, NY. If possible, listen with headphones.

Sound sources: guitar, sounds around the guitar, field recordings, and digital artifacts

Artwork and photography: Justin Von Strasburg

Give it a listen on Bandcamp or you find it on your favorite streaming service.