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Posted: 2020-03-20
The album cover for 22. It is a photo of two chairs, set up at different tables near each other in a coffee shop. One chair yellow cushions and legs that have wheels on them and the other chair has green cushions and straight non-wheeled legs. They are angled in a way that maybe they could be peaking an eye at each other like two people from across a crowded room.

The album cover for "22"

The fourth part of the series, "glitching fragility".

"22" is a glitch, a sub-genre of electronic music, album that was composed in Niagara Falls and Buffalo, NY over a 18 year period, between 2002 and 2020. Like my previous albums "sky and tree", "2", and "I'm fragile again", it was assembled from tracks that I found in my audio archives.

If possible, listen with headphones.

Composed with a guitar, field recordings, sine waves, and other sounds.

The album and track titles come from the poem "22" by Shen Ren.

Give it a listen on Bandcamp.