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Live at Sewing Souls, 2018-04-23

Posted: 2018-07-16
The album cover for Live at Sewing Souls, 2018-04-23. It is a collage image, from two photos, taken of me, Evan Courtin, and Megan Kyle playing our instruments in the playing area of Sewing Souls. The image has a focus on blues and maroon colors.

The album cover for "Live at Sewing Souls, 2018-04-23"

Back on 2018-04-23 I performed in a trio at Sewing Souls. The trio consisted of Evan Courtin on violin, Megan Kyle on oboe, and myself on snare drum. We created a lovely 15 minute set of improvised music that you should check out. It is available to download on Bandcamp for free or pay what you want.