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Favorite Recordings Of All Time

Posted: 2018-01-14
  1. As Cities Burn - "Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest" Released: 2005-06-21 Type: Album Label: Solid State Records Buy / Stream: Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube, Physical
  2. Beach Slang - "Broken Thrills" Released: 2015-04-27 / 2015-05-22 Type: Album Label: Polyvinyl Records (US), Big Scary Monsters (UK), Cooking Vinyl (AUS) Buy / Stream: Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp, Physical (AUS)
  3. Takahiro Kawaguchi - "n" Released: 2009-01 Type: Album Label: Hibari Music Buy / Stream: Bandcamp, CD via ErstDist
  4. Counterparts - "Counterparts/Exalt Split EP" Released: 2010-11-21 Type: EP Label: Self-Released Buy / Stream: Bandcamp Note: This is the digital release of the Counterparts half of the split.
  5. VA AA LR - "Newhaven" Released: 2014-11-29 Type: EP / Longform Track Label: Organized Music From Thessaloniki Buy / Stream: Bandcamp, CD via ErstDist
  6. Texas Is The Reason - "Texas Is The Reason" Released: 1995-11-07 Type: EP Label: Revelation Records Buy / Stream: Youtube, Physical
  7. Ryu Hankil - "Description For Other Things" Released: 2012-01 Type: Album Label: The Manual Buy: email Hankil, Discogs Audio: Sample of track 1 Writeup / review via Lisa Thatcher.
  8. Masahide Tokunaga - "Alto Saxophone 2" Released: 2015-05-10 Type: Album Label: Ftarri / Hitorri Buy: CD via Ftarri / Hitorri, CD via ErstDist, CD via Discogs
  9. Stephen Cornford - "Electrocardiographs of a Cathode Ray Tube" Released: 2018-06-06 Type: EP / 7" Vinyl Label: A Wave Press Buy / Stream: Bandcamp