I design and build websites for people.

I am a freelance hybrid web designer / front of the front-end developer with 17+ years of experience working with people and companies of all types from schools to rock bands to suppliers of sanitary stainless steel process equipment. I will not bullshit you, I will tell you how it is. In short, I truly give a damn about what I create for people. I am just a single person trying to make the web a well dressed and usable place to visit. If you feel like chatting, send me an email. Or if you prefer talking on the phone (716-622-4462), that works for me as well.

Here are a handful of the clients I have worked with over the years:


Visit website My Role: design, content, HTML, CSS, static deployment
screen shot of the Debouch website home page

A band from Buffalo, NY that played spartan instrumental rock consisting of sludgy bass riffs, primal floor-tom beats, and atonal textural electronics. Over the two years DEBOUCH was a band they played 35 shows.

I was in the band and played a floor tom and a cymbal.

Reichert Technologies Life Sciences

Visit website My Role: design, content consulting, HTML, CSS, CMS/e-commerce deployment via Accrisoft Freedom
screen shot of the Reichert Technologies Life Sciences website home page

Since 1997, Reichert Technologies Life Sciences have been working with surface plasmon resonance (SPR) technology, providing affordable, flexible SPR systems to leading academics and private industry around the world. Now, backed by a billion-dollar company, they continue to offer the innovative technology and exceptional service that helps scientists around the world advance their research.

This was project that I worked on while working at Rare Earth Interactive.

Udderly Smooth®

Visit website My Role: design consulting, HTML, CSS, CMS/e-commerce deployment via Shopify
screen shot of the Udderly Smooth website home page

Originally developed by a pharmacist in the Midwest to apply to the udders of dairy cows that often endure tough weather conditions, but it wasn’t long before hard-working farmers discovered the rich moisturizing ingredients also healed their dry, cracked hands. Udderly Smooth® quickly went from the Midwest to 116 countries worldwide. Today, it’s loved by families, healthcare workers, cyclists, quilters, celebrities, stylists, and so many more for its 24-hour moisturizing, ultra-healing, non-greasy formula. Udderly Smooth® has been a fan-favorite for over 40 years.

If you feel like chatting, send me an email.