Favorite Recordings Of 2016

Another year of good music and sound has come and gone. So it is time for me to present my favorite recordings of 2016 and this time I have chosen nine. It is my hope that you find something new to listen to. Without further ado, here is the list:

  1. Beach Slang - "A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings" Released: 2016-09-23 Label: Polyvinyl Records Buy: via Beach Slang, via Polyvinyl
  2. Mayfield - "Hollow Embrace" Released: 2016-10-14 Label: self-released Buy: Digital
  3. Deciever - "Turntable Laboratory (Digital Single)" Released: 2016-02-10 Label: Bad Drone Media Buy: Digital
  4. Ilia Belorukov & Kurt Liedwart - "Sufka" Released: 2016-04-16 Label: Mikroton Digital a sub label of Mikroton Recordings Buy: Digital
  5. The Hotelier - "Goodness" Released: 2016-05-27 Label: Tiny Engines Buy: via The Hotelier, via Tiny Engines
  6. Tiny Moving Parts - "Celebrate" Released: 2016-05-20 Label: Triple Crown Records Buy: Digital, Physical
  7. Shibatetsu - "Plastic Pneuma" Released: 2016-03-13 Label: Hitorri Buy: Physical via Hitorri, Physical via ErstDist
  8. i'd m thfft able - "Jimmy Page" Released: 2016-01-18 Label: self-released Buy: Digital
  9. Save Us From The Archon - "L'Eclisse" Released: 2016-03-18 Label: Tragic Hero Records Buy: Digital, Physical