Favorite Recordings Of 2015

Here are my twelve favorite recordings of 2015. There are twelve months in the year. So I said to myself why not make my list twelve, instead of nine like I have done in the past. So on this list of twelve you will find some punk stuff, heavy stuff, 80's inspired stuff, and simply interesting sounding stuff for you to investigate. If any of the recordings are new to you then great! And if they are not, then you may or may not agree with me on if they are any good. Either way, here is the list which I have the right to change at any time since it is my list:

  1. Beach Slang - "The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us" Released: 2015-10-30 Label: Polyvinyl Records Buy: Digital, Physical & Digital
  2. Casey - "Fade" Released: 2015-05-01 Label: Self Released Buy: Digital
  3. Masahide Tokunaga - "Alto Saxophone 2" Released: 2015-05-10 Label: Ftarri / Hitorri Buy: CD via Ftarri / Hitorri, CD via ErstDist, CD via Discogs
  4. The Gutzeit Family - "Songs Of Nature" Released: 2015-08-12 Label: JMY Buy: Digital
  5. Gatherers - "Quiet World" Released: 2015-07-31 Label: Equal Vision Records Buy: Digital, Physical & Digital
  6. Eric La Casa / Taku Unami - "Parazoan Mapping" Released: 2015-02-03 Label: Erstwhile Records Buy: CD
  7. Devin DiSanto / Nick Hoffman - "Three Exercises" Released: 2015-06-24 Label: ErstAEU / Erstwhile Records Buy: CD
  8. Takahiro Kawaguchi / Utah Kawasaki - "Amorphous Spores" Released: 2015-10 Label: Erstwhile Records Buy: CD
  9. The Panic Division - "Aero.Nautical" Released: 2015-10-01 Label: Self Released Buy: Digital
  10. Ryu Hankil, Noid, Matija Schellander, and others - "Foreign Correspondents" Released: 2015-11-06 Label: Mikroton Recordings Buy: CD & Digital
  11. Well Kept Things - "Homegrown" Released: 2015-06-16 Label: Self Released Buy: Digital
  12. Eva-Maria Houben - "Memories" Released: late 2015 Label: diafani Buy: CD

Recordings That Just Missed The List

My friend Joe LaPaglia put out a recording in 2015 which combined folk, indie, and experimental sounds into a mix that is really good and you should check it out. The record is called "echota" and is available via Bandcamp.

And Then There Was This One

"Holding On When Moving On" by the band Dependence should have been at the top the list but sadly half of the songs sound like filler except for tracks like this one and "Never In The Cards", which also happens to be my favorite song of the year. Despite the album not being so good these songs do give me hope that their next record will be amazing.