Favorite "Other" Recordings Of All Time

I do not know how else to describe the recordings/releases/albums in this list other than to call them "other" style recordings. In the past I may have called them electro-acoustic improv recordings or more recently minimal noise like what I do with Partly Zombish. Either way it is very hard to classify the audio on these recordings. Some veer towards field recordings and while others toward music concrete but either way they are not rock, country, or glitch ala Mille Plateaux. You may be surprised to find something new and interesting, so I would highly advise that you seek some of these out and give them a listen.

(Note: This list will probably change as new recordings enter the world.)

  1. Takahiro Kawaguchi - "n" Released: 2009-01 Type: Album Label: Hibari Music Buy / Stream: Bandcamp, CD via ErstDist
  2. VA AA LR - "Newhaven" Released: 2014-11-29 Type: EP / Longform Track Label: Organized Music From Thessaloniki Buy / Stream: Bandcamp, CD via ErstDist
  3. Ryu Hankil - "Description For Other Things" Released: 2012-01 Type: Album Label: The Manual Buy: email Hankil, Discogs Audio: Sample of track 1 Writeup / review via Lisa Thatcher.
  4. TV Pow - "Despite Ourselves" Released: 2001-12-01 Type: Album Label: Fire Inc. Buy / Stream: Bandcamp, CD via Forced Exposure
  5. Masahide Tokunaga - "Alto Saxophone 2" Released: 2015-05-10 Type: Album Label: Hitorri Buy: CD via ErstDist
  6. Howard Stelzer & Jason Talbot - "Songs" Released: 2003-06-01 Type: Album Label: Intransitive Recordings Buy Stream: Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp
  7. Burkhard Stangl / Taku Unami - "I Was" Released: 2006-03-29 Type: Album Label: Hibari Music Buy / Stream: Bandcamp, CD via Discogs
  8. Cosmos - "Tears" Released: 2002-08-02 Type: Album Label: Erstwhile Records Buy / Stream: Bandcamp, CD via Erstwhile Records
  9. Stephen Cornford - "Electrocardiographs of a Cathode Ray Tube" Released: 2018-06-06 Type: EP / 7" Vinyl Label: A Wave Press Buy / Stream: Bandcamp