Favorite Recordings of 2014

Each year I have a hard time creating my favorite of lists because I am extremely picky with what gets a place on the list(s). Each song or album has to be something that I could turn on and listen to at almost any time, every once and while there are those times where nothing sounds good and you just decide to sit in silence.

This year was no different. In fact it was the hardest year yet and therefore some albums tied for spots on the list of nine. Yes nine. I like the number nine because I like odd numbers. When creating an album or EP a band can think about the beginning, middle, and end because odd numbers have a "middle" within them.

Either way I'm babbling so enjoy perusing the lists and I hope you find something new to listen too.

Favorite Albums, EPs, Long-Form Standalone Tracks Of The Year

  1. Tie: Beach Slang - "Broken Thrills" made up of
    "Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street" Released: 2014-09-30 Label: Tiny Engines Buy: Bandcamp
  2. Takahiro Kawaguchi - "S/T" Released: 2014-06-22 Label: Senufo Editions Buy: CD via Senufo Editions, CD via Discogs
  3. VA AA LR - "Newhaven" Released: 2014-11-29 Label: Organized Music From Thessaloniki Buy: Digital, CD via ErstDist
  4. Jack Harris & Samuel Rodgers - "Primary / Unit 11" Released: 2014-11-05 Label: Notice Recordings Buy: Bandcamp
  5. Kawaguchi / Olive / Oshiro - "Airs" Released: 2014-10 Label: 854 Audio Buy: CD via 854 Audio, CD via Discogs
  6. Tie
    The Hotelier - "Home, Like Noplace Is There" Released: 2014-02-18 Label: Tiny Engines Buy: Bandcamp
    Somos - "Temple Of Plenty" Released: 2014-03-25 Label: Tiny Engines Buy: Bandcamp
  7. Tie
    Seijiro Murayama / √Čric La Casa - "Paris: Public Spaces" Released: 2014-06-13 Label: Ftarri Buy: CD via Ftarri, CD via ErstDist, CD via Discogs
    Jean-Luc Guionnet / Eric La Casa - "Home: Handover" Released: 2014-10-27 Label: Potlatch Buy: CD via Potlatch, CD via ErstDist, CD via Discogs Note: audio samples can be heard here
  8. Young and Heartless - "The Pull Of Gravity" Released: 2014-06-24 Label: Self Released Buy: Bandcamp
  9. Luciano Maggiore & Enrico Malatesta - "Talladura" Released: 2014-09-05 Label: Triscele Registrazioni Buy: CD via Triscele Registrazioni

Favorite Songs/Tracks Of The Year

  1. Beach Slang - "American Girls and French Kisses"
  2. Armslength - "In Passing"
  3. Takahiro Kawaguchi - "Watching"
  4. Young and Heartless - "Desk Rot"
  5. Homesafe - "Nothing Left To Lose"
  6. Taking Back Sunday - "All The Way"
  7. Bring Me The Horizon - "Drown"
  8. Somos - "Strangest Example"
  9. The Hotelier - "Life In A Drag"

Bonus Item

This item or items is not a recording but a playlist of 3 videos of a live performance by Kanta Horio + suzueri at Ftarri in Tokyo, Japan on 11/09/2013. I've added it to this list becuase the videos were uploaded to Youtube and Vimeo in January of 2014. I hope the audio from this becomes a release sometime in the near future but for now I've made my own.

Please support all these bands and artists and if you like what you hear buy their stuff. If you would like to chat with me about the number nine and odd numbers or anything else such as to why most of the songs on the song list are not from albums on the albums list shoot me a tweet on Twitter.