Favorite Recordings Of 2018

Another year done, another crop of musical recordings have been released into the world. Here are my five favorite recordings of the year.

  1. Stephen Cornford - "Electrocardiographs of a Cathode Ray Tube" Released: 2018-06-06 Type: EP / 7" Vinyl Label: A Wave Press Buy / Stream: Bandcamp, Physical

    This recording grew on me over the past few months. It was alway going to be this list but I did not think it would be number one. It may not be for you but I would suggest giving it a listen. Here is a description of the recording from KFJC 89.7FM, "In a performance of this piece in Florence Italy, Cornford described it as two cathode ray tube TVs amplified with brain wave sensors. The ECG pick-ups are attached to the TVs to amplify them. An amplifier, or oscillator, is fed into the TVs video input where he then picks up the TV screens electromagnetic emissions. He's recording the energy of the tubes and seeing if they have a brainwave, so to speak. Fascinating, really and truly. The two sides of the 45 are gentle, repeating electronic heartbeats of static and fuzz. Variations occur with every pulse even though the pattern may at times seem similar. As each piece progresses, the differences in sound are more apparent."

  2. Pale Waves - "My Mind Makes Noises" Released: 2018-09-14 Type: Album Label: Dirty Hit Buy / Stream: iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube, Physical via Dirty Hit Store

    Pale Waves are my favorite "pop" band right now and anything they release is pure gold. Most "pop" bands tend have a few good songs but very rarely does a whole album from a "pop" band kick ass. This one does. Pale Waves are what The 1975 wish they were. Which is funny because the The 1975 produced the first two singles that Pale Waves released last year. Also released this year was the fantastic EP, All The Things I Never Said.

  3. Mayfield - "My Heart Gets Left Behind" Released: 2018-10-07 Type: Single Label: Self Released Buy / Stream: iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube

    If you haven't heard of Mayfield before, and like melodic post-hardcore, then give this track a listen. It is so damn good. I have not heard a song from this Canadian band that I did not like.

  4. Sean Colum - "plus minus forty bpm" Released: 2018-05-21 Type: Album Label: Self Released Buy / Stream: Bandcamp

    This album is definitely not for everyone. The sounds come from a open window, an acoustic guitar, and a drum machine. There is a trend in very experimental/improvised music to be what I call "lazy". It's not lazy in a bad way. It's lazy in a way in which you just kind of let things happen and don't put much thought or focus into what you are doing. It's a flow of consciousness. It's very punk rock. Most experimental music, of any kind, tends to be very focused with a strong meaning behind what is being created. I don't get that feeling with Sean's stuff. I feel as though Sean is holding up a middle finger to that very focused stuff. He just wants to haphazardly explore the world through sound. This of course is merely my interpretation.

  5. Charmaine Lee - "Ggggg" Released: 2018-04-21 Type: Album Label: Anticausal Systems Buy / Stream: Bandcamp, Physical

    Generally vocal performers, who work within the world of free improvised music, don't do much for me. Charmaine Lee is an exception. Her no bullshit approach to using her voice is amazing. This album is eight tracks, in 14 minutes, of Charmaine just showing off several of her vocal techniques. Nothing more, nothing less. It's pure awesome.