Favorite Recordings Of All Time

  1. As Cities Burn - "Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest" Released: 2005-06-21 Type: Album Label: Solid State Records Buy: Digital, Physical
  2. Beach Slang - "Broken Thrills" - The two EPs below were eventually released as one album.
    "Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?" Released: 2014-04-17 Type: EP Label: Dead Broke Records Buy: Digital, Physical
    "Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street" Released: 2014-09-30 Type: EP Label: Tiny Engines Buy: Digital, Physical
  3. Takahiro Kawaguchi - "n" Released: 2009-01-01 Type: Album Label: Hibari Music Buy: Digital
  4. Texas Is The Reason - "Texas Is The Reason" Released: 1995-11-07 Type: EP Label: Revelation Records Buy: Physical
  5. VA AA LR - "Newhaven" Released: 2014-11-29 Type: EP Label: Organized Music From Thessaloniki Buy: Digital, CD via ErstDist
  6. Def Leppard - "Hysteria" Released: 1987-08-03 Type: Album Label: Mercury Records (US and Japan), Phonogram Inc. (Europe) Buy: Physical
  7. Sponge - "Rotting PiƱata" Released: 1994-08-02 Type: Album Label: The WORK Group Buy: Digital, Physical
  8. Ryu Hankil - "Description For Other Things" Released: 2014-06-22 Type: Album Label: The Manual Audio Sample: Soundcloud
  9. Sunny Day Real Estate - "Diary" Released: 1994-05-10 Type: Album Label: Sub Pop Buy: Digital, Physical