Favorite Recordings of 2013

It's always hard for me to choose the favorite releases and songs/tracks of the year because I'm so damn picky and this year was no different. So this year I said screw it, mainly to keep my sanity, and I decided to do away with the song list and just work on the releases list. This list is a combination of full lengths, EPs, basically anything that is more than just a song in the "traditional" sense. I say "traditional" because one of the items on this year's list in a one track 37 minute composition.

With the idea of "traditional" on the mind, this year has been more of a "un-traditional" year for me with experimental and noise oriented records being better on average than most rock, indie, metal, pop, and punk albums I've come across. There is nothing wrong with that of course but it surprised me a bit seeing as previous years have leaned in the opposite direction. Either way I'm going to stop babbling and list off my favorites of 2013.

  1. Armslength - "Intents and Ends" Released: 2013-10-16 Buy: Bandcamp
  2. Devin DiSanto - "Tracing A Boundary" Released: late 2013-09 Buy: CD via ErstDist, CD via Task
  3. Frameworks - "Small Victories" Released: 2013-02-12 Buy: Bandcamp / iTunes / Amazon / vinyl
  4. Tiny Moving Parts - "This Couch is Long & Full of Friendship" Released: 2013-01-13 Buy: Bandcamp / iTunes / Amazon / CD / vinyl
  5. Joseph Clayton Mills - "Malling-Hansen" Released: 2013-12-03 Buy: Bandcamp
  6. árum - "colors" Released: 2013-07 Buy: CD via Copy For Your Records
  7. Coppice - "Big Wad Excisions" Released: 2013-10-29 Buy: CD via Coppice / mp3 or CD via Midheaven / iTunes / Amazon
  8. The 1975 - "The 1975" Released: 2013-09-02 Buy: iTunes / Amazon / CD or vinyl
  9. Graham Stephenson / Aaron Zarzutzki - "Touching" Released: 2013-03-09 Buy: CD via Erstwhile Records

Please support all these bands and artists if you like what you hear and buy their stuff. Also if you want to ask me why I chose 9 and not 10 or to talk about anything else about my list shoot me a tweet on Twitter.