• I am hybrid designer/front-end developer.
  • I have been designing and building websites for 15 years.
  • I design my websites in the browser.
  • I have a good-to-excellent working knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  • I can read javascript and PHP but I am not very good at writing it.
  • I care about how something I create, will affect a person using it.
  • I am the kind of person that will always try to avoid left-hand turns when going somewhere, especially on busy roads.

If this is how you and your company thinks, then send me a message. At the moment I work for Rare Earth Interactive but I am looking for new opportunities.

I am not into flashy portfolios, so my portfolio is quite simple. I would very much like you to click on the links and visit the websites that I have worked on. In this day and age of devices of all shapes and sizes, in the browser is the best way to experience them. I also designed them in the browser.

screen shot of the Reichert Technologies Life Sciences website home page

Reichert Technologies Life Sciences

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This was a Rare Earth Interactive client project.

Reichert Technologies Life Sciences has a rich legacy, nearly 140 years, of experience in manufacturing precision scientific instruments. Since 1997, they have been working with surface plasmon resonance (SPR) technology, providing affordable, flexible SPR systems to leading academics and private industry around the world.

It was a stressful project some days, trying to focus the message, and on others it was a joy to work on. I like how the Products section turned out, a significant upgrade.

screen shot of the Debouch website home page


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DEBOUCH was band from Buffalo, NY that played spartan instrumental rock consisting of sludgy bass riffs, primal floor-tom beats, and atonal textural electronics. I played a floor tom and a cymbal.

I was in the band and knew how to design and build websites so I designed and built the website. The current, and final, version of the site was constructed around a photo taken by Zach M Anderson. Band websites should be simple, display shows, recordings, and photos/videos (if available).

screen shot of the Allegheny Surface Technology website home page

Allegheny Surface Technology

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This was a Rare Earth Interactive client project.

For decades, Allegheny Surface Technology has been providing their customers with outstanding service in electropolishing, pickling, passivation, and mechanical polishing. Allegheny Surface Technology can develop the best solution for your application and currently process components for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food & beverage, electronic, architectural, and automotive industries.

This site is an example of how working with a group of people, within a client's organization/business, giving good and bad feedback can result in a finished product that everyone agreed on. There were bumps in the road but I like the finished result. It increased business for them, which was the point of the redesign.

screen shot of the Save Our Western New York Children’s Psychiatric Center website home page

Save Our Western New York Children’s Psychiatric Center

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A group of concerned parents, children, community activists, workers and elected officials came together to stop New York State from merging the WNY Children’s Psychiatric Center (WNYCPC) into the Adult Buffalo Psychiatric Center. They won the fight in summer 2018.

Not the best site I have worked on, visually speaking, but definitely the best site I have worked on because of the mission.

screen shot of the DSE Healthcare Solutions, LLC website home page

DSE Healthcare Solutions, LLC

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This was a Rare Earth Interactive client project.

DSE Healthcare Solutions, LLC (DSE) offers products that provide solutions for specialty health concerns. Examples of leading specialty health brands include: URINOZINC® a dietary supplement specifically formulated to provide prostate and urinary nutritional support; PRELIEF® a dietary supplement that reduces up to 95% of acid from food and beverages so patients can minimize discomfort caused by acid foods; and CharcoCaps® a naturally gentle, safe, non-drug anti-gas formula that adsorbs and eliminates intestinal gas and bloating.

I enjoyed working on this project. The process of giving the site a single vision but also express the visions of each brand was a fun challenge.