I create minimal noise with a snare drum.

Un-amplified Snare album cover

"Un-amplified Snare"

The EP, which was released on February 1, 2015, was performed by me using a snare drum played with various toys. It was recorded between 05/2014 and 01/2015 in Buffalo, NY and Austin, TX. The name is a play on the name of a previous recording I did called "Amplified Snare."

You can listen to and download the EP on Bandcamp.

Here is a track from the EP called "an ode to Ryu and his typewriter".

Sometimes Joe, August, and myself are zombish. Well partly.

August Cake and the Moving Tables And Chairs album cover

"August Cake and the Moving Tables And Chairs"

Besides playing with a snare drum solo I also occasionally jam with my friend Joe in Partly Zombish. We have few releases out in the world which you can listen to and purchase over here including "August Cake and the Moving Tables And Chairs" which is our 80 minute epic that was released on January 1, 2014 and recorded using items such as a snare drum (un-amplified and amplified), a reel to reel tape machine, windup toys, a hissing amplifier, and of course tables and chairs. We have played some shows and people seem to dig our weird way of making noise so maybe you will too. Well at least we hope you will.

You can listen to and buy the album(s) over at partlyzombish.com.

I once played the drums with superheroes.

Super Awesome album cover

"Super Awesome"

"Super Awesome" by Go Glorious was recorded a few years ago in my, now deceased, grandfather's house by our friend Mike. It was a good time and I think the recording turned out great so give it a listen. The EP can be downloaded for free over here.

Here is a track from the EP called "White Crow".